Daewoo check engine list / fault code / trouble code

The information below may apply to Daewoo Lanos, Matiz, 1.5i and many other models
Connector Diagram
Connector Location
Note:This vehicle my not give flash codes. You may need the OBD2 / EOBD or UniPlug vehicle specific software.
Auto Repair Manual - How to read codes (No Special Tools Needed)
If possible run the engine to bring the oxygen sensor up to operating temperature then switch the engine off.
Connect the terminals using your own jumper wire.
Turn ignition ON, the Check Engine Light (CEL) should be flashing.
Read codes as described in the Code Format Description below.
Press the continue button to enter the code numbers and get the code description(s).
Code Format Diagram

Fault Code Description
• Each code is made up of two series of flashes.
• The first series indicates the 'tens' digit.
• The second series indicates the 'ones' digit.
• A long pause separates each code.
• A shorter pause separates the 'tens' and 'ones'.
• Code Format Diagram shows code No. 32.
• The first code "flashed out" is always code 12.
• If Code 12 repeats at least 4 times in a row there are No Codes in memory.
• Codes repeat 3 times each, then the next code repeats 3 times...

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